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RelatedViolence and Protest in Iran as Currency Drops in Value (October 4, 2012)
The Lede Blog: Video OffersCoach Factory Outlet Glimpses of Tehran Protests (October 3, 2012)
Connect With Us on TwitterFollow @nytimesworld for international breaking news and headlines.
Twitter List: Reporters Coach Factory Outletand EditorsIran’s Fars News Agency reported that 16 people, described as “elements of disorder in the currency market,” had been arrested during the Wednesday protests, the first outbreak Coach Factory Onlineof public anger over the devalued rial and other acute economic problems that have been building in Iran for the past few years. Economists have attributed the problems to government mismanagement andCoach Outlet Online the onerous Western sanctions imposed on Iran in response to its contentious nuclear program, Coach Outlet Onlinemost notably a severe restriction on the country’s ability to sell oil and its expulsion from the global banking network.
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18.01.2021 11:33 | пишет MarionFelix | ссылка

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